What is Tiffin Meal?

Tiffin Meal is power packed daily meal provider service in Bangalore. It caters to individuals who do not have the time to cook and are looking for healthy and hygienic every day lunch or dinner options. It’s a sole purpose is to provide delicious, healthy and nutritious food at very affordable cost.

How does it work?

It is a prepaid meal service, where the customer has to subscribe for a plan and provide us an address for daily delivery of meals. Each customer is allocated with virtual coupons and can manage the usage accordingly.

What will be the delivery time for lunch and dinner?

Lunch will be provided between 11.30PM – 3.00PM

Dinner will be provided between 7.00 PM – 10.00PM

What are the plans available?

We have 3 plans available

5 Meals

10 Meals

20 Meals

Meals are delivered only on Weekdays Mon-Fri

Weekends, Holidays and Festivals are a great to explore more local or home food, so we you give the space to enjoy different cuisines and different tastes. 

Do your deliver meal for one person only for 1 or 2 days?

We wish we could deliver it but our economies of scale do not give us the opportunity to serve you. We suggest you to go for a Trail Meal Plan. 

How should I cancel my meal for day/s?

No IVR, No need to press your dial pad, No flute music

We have kept it simple, just dial us on 966-3636- 123 or whats app us to  inform us about the cancellation and get confirmation. 

Please note to inform us before 9.30AM for your Lunch and 4.00PM for your Dinner

Cancellations are not accepted in Trail Meal Plan

What happens to my meal plan if I am unwell or on a long vacation?

Unwell – Get well soon, Long vacation – Certainly needed enjoy it

We understand your situation that’s is why we crafted a plan that suits your priorities, we have given you options to extend your meal plan to future date under validity period. On completion of validity period you cannot extend it.